Why people want to eat “Snow crab from Sado Island?

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“Snow crab from Sado Island”

 The existence of red snow crabs that underestimate the snow crabs. The king of winter tast is crab, and the crab in Japan is the Sea of Japan. The crabs caught in the Sea of Japan are roughly divided into “Hon zuwai-crab (snow crab)” and “Beni zuwai-crab (red snow crab)”, but there is a big difference in market value.

 “Matsuba crab”in Ishikawa prefecture and “Echizencrab”in Fukushima prefecture, which is regarded as a high-class ingredients classified as a snow crab. And Matsuba crab sometimes exceeded 1 million yen for 4 at the first auction of the year. Of course, this is a celebration market price, and this would not be the case with snow crabs without a specified trademark. Even so, if you look at the back-order market on the Internet, it costs 20,000 to 30,000 yen for a snow crab.

On the other hand, the red snow crab has a market value of 3,000 to 10,000 yen. The thing is, both are delicious. Some people say that the taste of red snow crab is coarser than snow crab, which is full of mellow sweetness and elegant flavor, but how many people have a clearly distinguishable tongue? 

 In fact, they live in different sea areas, have different habitat depths, and above all, have different appearance during their lifetime. As the name suggests, red snow crab is a bright red color, as opposed to a brownish snow crab. The former size is 1.5 times larger.

However, if it is distributed as boiledcrabs, it is painful for the snow crabs to turn red in both cases. It looks like a large red snow crab.

Despite the large difference in market evaluation, it will not be recognized if you don’t attach “HON(real)” to snow crab because of the existence ofred snow crab.

“Snow crab from Sado Island”

Love Crab?  Should eat “Okesasnow crab”before becoming a high brand!

It can be said that “Matsuba crab” and “Echizen crab”, whose branding was completed long ago, had a foresight. Its existence is now as described above.

Snow crab form Shimane prefecture, which is also known as the taste of the Sea of Japan, is trying to get on “Matsuba” by abandoning the name of “snow crab” as “Oki-Matsuba crab”. There is such a difference in brand power between “Zuwai”, “Matsuba”, and“Echizen”. It’s biologically the same.

For example, if this is a human-made livestock product such as beef, the story is different. I wouldn’t say that “Kobe beef” and “Kuroge wagyubeef(Japanese Blackbeef)” are biologically the same.But crabs are basically untouched by humans. Isn’t it impossible to mention a clear difference in quality for natural objects?

If there is a big difference in market evaluation by name, isn’t it possible to say “Now is the best time to buy!” a relatively inexpensive item that is still “real” before branding?

“Snow crab from Sado Island”

It is a pre-branding brand that has not yet appeared in the world. There is a movement by local companies to sell it as “Okesa snow crab”, but it will take time to penetrate. However, there is a great possibility that “Okesa snow crab” will become a high brand in the future.

One is that the quality of Sado Island’s marine products is extremely high. The topography of the seabed near Sado Island is really complicated.The tide flow cused by it becomes extremely intense. Marine products that grow in the fast tide flow is inevitably the best food because it has a body that can withstand it. In fact, Wakame seaweed from Sado Island is one rank higher in the market.

Also, the characteristics of Sado Island deep sea water, which has a high stability of about 1℃(34 ℉) throughout the year, can be said to be a plus for the taste.

I’ve eaten snow crab from Sado Island before, andit tastes really good. The body is full of flavorfulmeat and rich taste brought by nature. Deliciousness that is comparable to the brand crab mentioned above. On the contrary, it makes me think that it will become very famous in the near future. If this comes out to the world, it must be a big boom.

And there is a big factor that Sado Island will be attracting attention in the future. The point is that “World Heritage registration” is imminent. In fact, last year, it was very likely that it would be registered as a World Heritage Site. The day Sado Island will be registered as a World Heritage Stie may be nearby. 

However, if attention is paid to the area, the “food” there is likely to be highlighted. It is not difficult to imagine that the brand power of “Snow crab from Sado Island = Okesa snow crab” which has increased media espouse, will greatly increase. If you want to eat“Okesa snow crab”, this is the best season to buy. Before becoming a high brand, I want to eat it at the current price while it is still called “Snow crab form Sado Island”.